!! Inspired by Vivienne Westwood !!

Monday, January 28, 2013 ♥ · 1 comments

Today, during my online time, I was watching some fashion movies in RL. The new collections fall/winter 2013/2014. Yes I looked twice if they used the correct year, which they did. Suddenly it came in my mind that I have  custom made pants in my inventory, inspired by Vivienne Westwood. So I took the chance and styled myself. And here is the result. I guess I don't look that bad...laughs.

Pants: sf design ewan pant custom modified in 2 colours
Jacket: sf design ewan outfit blue
Shoes: sf design oxford wing tips - black
Hair: Atro Patena - Josef_Blonde
Belt: RFYRE Nigel Black
Necklace: [MANDALA]KARMA Necklace/Shepherd  SILVER
Makeup: Tableau Vivant  Vincent Make up 10 Blue

Kind Regards Christian

!!!!!Django Unchained!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013 ♥ · 2 comments

I was yesterday in the theater after aahhmmm i guess a couple of years.Laughs!  And it was amazing!!!
So i get a little bit inspired by this movie i hope you all like what you see. And i suggest watch the movie it is pretty cool. Also with some funny parts in.


Hat: Mirada Cowboy Hat black by Damien Fate
Glasses: Primoptic - Steam
Jacket: SF Design - winter jacket - 08 - mens green
Sweater: SF Design - winter jacket - 08 - mens black
Jacket cuffs: SF Design - corduroy jacket with elbow patches sage (modified to match the color)
Pant: SF Design - loose corduroy pants walnut
Shoes: Redgrave - Boots Walker - Black
Colt: D-Z - Dragoon Percussion Revolver

Kind regards Christian


Friday, January 18, 2013 ♥ · 0 comments

YAY!!! Got yesterday my new sailing boat from COCA Yven. I love the custom texture she made especially for me. If you also like a custom made one, just contact her inworld.

Kind Regards Christian


Thursday, January 17, 2013 ♥ · 0 comments

It starts snowing yesterday afternoon here at my side of the world and didn't stop till now. A lot of snow! Well for we had a "green" Christmas, sadly we had, but it seems now we got all what was not there in the past. It is really amazing how everyone is following the seasons also inworld. I can have here all the time summer and can run around in shorts, but i buy winter clothes this time of the year. I found this amazing winter outfit  which fit perfectly in the actual weather we have in RL.


Saturday, January 12, 2013 ♥ · 0 comments

Today I needed some distraction, cause I didn't pass with my car the TÜV ( German Association for Technical Inspection ). What really sucks..... Guess most of you know that feeling. So I came online, as i couldn't do anything at my car in RL and went shopping. Cause I want to go dancing in the evening.I looked in my inventory and tried out different suits, which I have. Couldn't choose which i shall wear. As I have nothing to wear I need something new. I found an amazing Tuxedo at Lapointe & Bastchild. The textures are amazing!

It include a Hud to change some details like the color of the vest.
You have 4 preset combination in the Hud but you can also change it by yourself.
The Tux comes with 3 alpha layers. One for the full Tux, one for the pant and one for the Jacket.
You will find 6 sizes of the Tux in your inventory when you buy it. I am pretty sure one will fit on your avi.

I hope you will enjoy the Tux as much as I do.

Kind regards Christian

Clubbing Outfit!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013 ♥ · 0 comments

Thought about what i will do this weekend and i decide to go out clubbing. So i opend my cupboard yesterday evening and choose what i will wear Friday evening.
I hope you like it!

Hair: Taketomi Zayn with mesh base
Jacket: Rfyre Nigel black ( mesh )
Shirt: Gabriel Vneck T-Shirt
Pant: Gabriel sagger denim jeans
Necklace: Mandala Shepherd
Belt: Rfyre Nigel black

Amazing new clothes from ISPACHI

Sunday, January 6, 2013 ♥ · 0 comments

 I shortly found this amazing Mesh Hoodie from Ispachi. It comes in 5 different sizes so there must be one which will fit you. The two creators also includ in this package a color changer HUD ( see oictures below ). I hope you will enjoy the Hoodie as i do. Especially on lazy sundays i wear this clothes at home.

        Some adjustments with the         color HUD.    

ISPACHI Mesh [ Casual Jeans ] - Dark Blue
ISPACHI Mesh [Fortis Hoodie] Red
[ hoorenbeek ] All Stars 3.0 - Red

Kind Regards Christian



This blazer you must have in your wardrobe. Don't loose your time and get one. The greatest thing is here in SL you do not have to wash clothes or do not have to take care what you do. You can do the yard in it and they won't get dirty. YAY!!

Mesh Blazer - Blue contains:
3 sizes of the closed Blazer
3 sizes of the open Blazer
2 alpha layers for each style
3 chest crest  for the closed Blazer ( 3 sizes )
3 chest crest for the open Blazer ( 3 sizes )


Mesh Blazer - Blue - Open Jacket
Classic Suit -Navy Blue - Pant
Classic Suit - Navy Blue - Belt
Classic Shirt - Light Blue
Yorkshire Shoes - Black

Kind Regards Christian


Wednesday, January 2, 2013 ♥ · 0 comments

I went shopping these days to get a little bit distracted. In both worlds. But in SL it is way easier to shop. You don't need to walk that lot as in RL. If the ways are to long you can press a button and fly. From one to another store you can use a teleport. You don not have to walk or drive with the car. Even if you use the car here in SL there is always a parking area in fornt of the shops. And in some cases you can go by boat there.
Where can you do that in RL. I don't know any location.
So during my hunting i didn't bought anything. I went back to Mimi's store, and Giz and Auster were there. They brought some new clothes and boots, which was catching my eye at once.
If i would have know that in advance i could have saved a lot of time.

I finally come to the conclusion that i am shopping addicted. I spoke with some women about that topic and in all their answer was:

1. You can never shop TO much!
2. A man that actually goes shopping is a blessing!

So if you like to have one of this amazing outfits here are some facts before you come over:
4 jacket sizes
4 pant sizes
1 non mesh woolen sweater
1 pair of boots
1 scarf
alpha layers included for the jacket, pant, boot and one full body layer. So you have a lot of options.

Here is your taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deep%20House%20Island/48/57/22

Kind Regards Christian