Saturday, February 16, 2013 ♥

Today I got my inspiration from Ermanno Scervino's spring/summer collection 2013. I bought all clothes from Hoorenbeek. The great thing is that they are all modify. Also the mesh ones, which means I can change at least the color. It is very helpful as the spring collection isn't out at the moment. So if you do not know how to change the color for example of a mesh pants, wear it and click edit in your inventory on the object you wear. There you go! If you are comfy with changing the color of a prim, you will not have any issues with the mesh object.

Pants: Hoorenbeek Mesh Pants white ( color modified, Hex: 9dc8ff )
Shirt: Hoorenbeek  Tee for Jackets V-Neck ( color modified, Hex: 87cefa )
Jacket: Hoorenbeek Military Jacket - Green
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Desert Boots - Tan

Kind Regards Christian


Zaara Desmond schrieb am February 18, 2013 at 2:59 PM folgenden Kommentar:

I like the bold colour combination! Good job!

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