Wednesday, March 27, 2013 ♥

As I left the house for work this morning I thought hopefully the spring is coming soon. I had enough snow for now, and all the front and rear window cleaning of my car. It has to stop now. I want the spring, now!!! At least I am happy that I have the spring already here in SL, and I can wear the colorful new spring items which all the designers make.
Today I took my inspiration from the RL designer Salvatore Ferragamo. His new spring summer collection has a lot of nice colors.
So I hope you like what you see and maybe some of you get inspired too and do it the same way. All the details of the clothes are at the end of the post.

Jacket: Hoorenbeek - Mesh Blazer White (Color modified,Hex number:00ff7f)
Shirt: Hoorenbeek - Suit Shirt with Ties white (Color modified. Hex number:b1ffd8)
Pants: Hoorenbeek -  Mesh Pants white (Color modified, Hex number:87cefa)
Shoes : Hoorenbeek - Pegasus Green/Blue

Kind Regards Christian


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