Friday, April 26, 2013 ♥

YAY !!!! It is weekend!!! The only sad thing is that the weather will getting bad. The weather forecast say it will be cold and rainy. We had actually over 80 F. Well as the weather has knew it, that mostly everybody have free at the weekend. Only good thing is, that also next week the weather will not be good . But doesn't bother me as I have anyway go to one of our costumer. Only what bothers me is that I will not have Internet in the hotel. They cut all online games and traffic consuming Internet sites like Youtube and stuff. So I hope I will finish my work asap.
The word asap brings always a smile on my lips. A friend of mine was the firs time in his life in the US. Sadly not for vacation. So one day he came back to the Hotel and found a notice on his bed. "Call John asap." He thought:" Hmmm I do not know a John Asap. I know a John from work but not with the last name Asap." So he called the company and asked if he could talk to a guy called John Asap. You can imagine how the person on the other side start laughing. Afterwards he was told was "Asap" means.

At least I hope you like what you see. Infos about the outfit press "Read More".

Well I am very happy with the new stuff I bought from Countdown. The sweater comes in 5 different sizes and with two alpha layers. So that you will find a piece which fit to your avatar. What is great at the leather pants, they are kind of bootcut so you are may able to wear a lot of shoes from various designers. The pants come in 5 different sizes so you don't have to worry that it will not fit to you.
I spiced the outfit up with a belt, at which I hand my sunglasses. I also adorned an T-Shirt as it is not that warm anymore outside.


Sweater: Countdown Noah Sweater Red
T-Shirt: Egoisme C'est la vie
Pants: Countdown Mesh Leather Pants Beige
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Desert Boots Tan
Belt: Hoorenbeek Black Belt edited

Kind Regards Christian


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