Saturday, January 12, 2013 ♥

Today I needed some distraction, cause I didn't pass with my car the TÜV ( German Association for Technical Inspection ). What really sucks..... Guess most of you know that feeling. So I came online, as i couldn't do anything at my car in RL and went shopping. Cause I want to go dancing in the evening.I looked in my inventory and tried out different suits, which I have. Couldn't choose which i shall wear. As I have nothing to wear I need something new. I found an amazing Tuxedo at Lapointe & Bastchild. The textures are amazing!

It include a Hud to change some details like the color of the vest.
You have 4 preset combination in the Hud but you can also change it by yourself.
The Tux comes with 3 alpha layers. One for the full Tux, one for the pant and one for the Jacket.
You will find 6 sizes of the Tux in your inventory when you buy it. I am pretty sure one will fit on your avi.

I hope you will enjoy the Tux as much as I do.

Kind regards Christian


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