Thursday, January 17, 2013 ♥

It starts snowing yesterday afternoon here at my side of the world and didn't stop till now. A lot of snow! Well for we had a "green" Christmas, sadly we had, but it seems now we got all what was not there in the past. It is really amazing how everyone is following the seasons also inworld. I can have here all the time summer and can run around in shorts, but i buy winter clothes this time of the year. I found this amazing winter outfit  which fit perfectly in the actual weather we have in RL.

The package include 3 button parts. A long, medium and short one.
I am wearing the medium one. Two ties are included. A velvet one and a grey one.
I also love the boots which came with it. With them you can wwalk perfectly in deep snow.

Outfit: Utopia Alain coat
Hair: Dura-boy 36

Hopefully you like it and have as much fun as i have!

Kind Regards Christian


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