Wednesday, January 2, 2013 ♥

I went shopping these days to get a little bit distracted. In both worlds. But in SL it is way easier to shop. You don't need to walk that lot as in RL. If the ways are to long you can press a button and fly. From one to another store you can use a teleport. You don not have to walk or drive with the car. Even if you use the car here in SL there is always a parking area in fornt of the shops. And in some cases you can go by boat there.
Where can you do that in RL. I don't know any location.
So during my hunting i didn't bought anything. I went back to Mimi's store, and Giz and Auster were there. They brought some new clothes and boots, which was catching my eye at once.
If i would have know that in advance i could have saved a lot of time.

I finally come to the conclusion that i am shopping addicted. I spoke with some women about that topic and in all their answer was:

1. You can never shop TO much!
2. A man that actually goes shopping is a blessing!

So if you like to have one of this amazing outfits here are some facts before you come over:
4 jacket sizes
4 pant sizes
1 non mesh woolen sweater
1 pair of boots
1 scarf
alpha layers included for the jacket, pant, boot and one full body layer. So you have a lot of options.

Here is your taxi:

Kind Regards Christian


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